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The Winner Takes It All Presents
The Greatest Hits of ABBA and the BEE GEES

Get ready for the double-bill that everyone is talking about as this multi-talented and charismatic cast bring you the ultimate pop concert filled with the music of ABBA and the BEE GEES.

Boasting a full live band and a cast comprised of some of the country's most talented performers from stage and screen, prepare for a non-stop barrage of adrenaline filled hits made famous by two of history's most cherished pop acts.

Including all the ABBA classics from Waterloo, Fernando and Take a Chance to Disco anthems such as Dancing Queen, Gimme Gimme Gimme and Voulez Vous and including all the classic BEE GEEs hits from Massachussetts and Words to such dance floor giants as Stayin' Alive, Night Fever, More Than a Woman and Tragedy, this is one party you don't want to miss.
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III Legends
A Stunning Tribute to the World's Greatest Harmony Acts

A tribute to the world's greatest harmony acts recreated with stunning authenticity by the brotherly harmony of two of the country's top vocal performers and their fantastic backing band.

Together at last in one fantastic show, the music of Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles and the BEE GEES are united in a powerhouse performance that has left audiences amazed and shouting for more. The show stars brothers Darren and Gary Simmons who have wowed audiences on both TV and in London's West End.

The way the Simmons brothers manage to magically change their vocal styles from one section to the next leaves audiences captivated. From the beautifully rendered harmony of Simon and Garfunkel, the raw and edgy sound of Lennon and McCartney through to the stunning anthems of the BEE GEEs, all is captured and recreated perfectly in a show that has to be seen to be believed.
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Jive Talkin' Perform as
The BEE GEES Live In Concert

Jive Talkin' unites the UK's hottest talent for a truly inspiring evening of everything Bee Gees. This is the show that Bee Gees fans everywhere have been waiting for.

Jive Talkin' is the country's premier tribute to the BEE GEES whose these three leading men collectively have career highs including starring in London's West End, numerous world wide TV appearances and performing live with the Bee Gees themselves. Backed up by a full live band, they recreate to perfection the extensive Gibb Brother's repetoire. Never before has there been a more complete Bee Gees experience, which has audiences' both reaching for their handkerchiefs and dancing in the aisles!

Featuring the heavily orchestrated 60's hits (such as Massachusetts & Words) and the many disco classics (such as Stayin' Alive and Night Fever), the Bee Gees catalogue of hits is bought to life in its most pure form. The show also features a stunning acoustic medley of some of the Bee Gees earlier hits showcasing the uncanny voices of the three lead singers creating a truly emotional musical journey.
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The Winner Takes It All Presents
The Greatest Hits of ABBA Live In Concert

Prepare for a non-stop barrage of adrenaline filled hits made famous by ABBA themselves and the cultural phenomena that is Mamma Mia – The Movie.

With the release of Mamma Mia - The Movie, the ABBA music has yet again been opened up to new generations of eager young fans ready to dance and sing all night long to the likes of Dancing Queen, Waterloo, Take a Chance, Fernando and many more. To provide that evening of ABBA bliss, we present to you 'Voulez-Vous’ as they perform as ABBA-Live in Concert.

As a UK Theatre Shows in-house production, you can rest assured that the musical quality of this production is second to none. ABBA's trademark vocal harmony sound has been recreated with painstaking attention to detail leaving audiences spellbound at its authenticity. Boasting a new cast that has both youth and energy, talent and charisma, The Winner Takes It All will take you on a rollercoaster of nostalgia as they belt out hit after hit of pure ABBA gold.
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The Simon & Garfunkel Experience
The Ultimate Tribute to Simon & Garfunkel

An accurate and delicate recreation of the haunting melodies and harmonies that have made this 60's folk/pop duo's hits reach out to new fans across five generations.

Experience all the classic tunes such as Mrs Robinson, Homeward Bound, Sounds of Silence, The Boxer and Bridge Over Troubled Water as they are beautifully rendered in stunning close two part harmony. Backed by a full live band, the unique and distinctive sound of Simon & Garfunkel is reproduced so accurately it amounts to a performance that will leave you greatly moved.

Fronted by two of the most respected harmony singers in the industry today, their skill and personalities make this show an intimate experience in which they share heart and soul with the audience as they steer them through some of the most haunting harmonies and chilling melodies ever written.
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